LET results 2012 - September 2012 Teachers Exam guide, analysis and results

Takers of September 2012 LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) are now excited about the results of board exam  for Bachelor in Elementary Education , Bachelor in Secondary Education and Accelerated Teacher Education Program professions. In about 2-6 days at the time of posting, PRC will officially release the list of passers, topnotchers and top performing schools for LET 2012.

LET is one of the most awaited board exam due to big number of examinees for the noble profession aside from NLE. Education has been the basic course being offered by all colleges and universities nationwide. Almost hundred thousand graduates of education take LET every year but only 30 to 40 percent of them successfully hurdles the exam.

The Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED) and Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd) are four-year degree programs that focus on preparing students to become exceptional elementary and secondary educators in the areas of literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science and to create classroom environments that stimulate young learners’ curiosity and engage their intellects in ways that directly foster high achievement. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on the other hand filters the best and deserving teachers according to standards as Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is focusing.

Since there is a big number of takers for September 2012 LET, the duration of waiting for the results takes about 40 or more days.

The search volume over the web for "LET results" with data from Google Insights for Search shows increasing value over the past 30 days. On November 7, peak value of search is observed as takers thought that results will be released on that day.

Based also from Google Insight for Search, the highest value of search volume for LET happened last November 2011. Partial value of search for 2012 LET shows same impact with 2010 LET. For the last 7 days, "let results 2012" became the most-searched keyword. "let 2012", "2012 let results", "let exam results", "prc", "prc let results" and "prc results" are the top keywords.

But, comparing the search volume generated by LET  to NLE for 2012, interest over time search (peak) for NLE is higher by three times to LET. However, the average value of the two major board examinations is almost the same throughout 2012.

We believe that prayer will do a lot to lessen the agony you're experiencing right now. If you' re not confident that you will pass the exam, Jean-Baptiste De La Salle, patron saint of  Teachers is there to calm you. St. Joseph of Cupertino, the Patron Saint for examinees is there also to intercede for you to God to help you pass your exam.

So, takers of September 30, 2012 LET - good luck and pray harder. If it's your time to pass the exam, so be it, God knows you deserve it.

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