Room Assignment, General Instructions March 2013 LET

PRC and Board for Professional Teachers (BPT) releases room assignment  and general instructions for March 10, 2013 (Sunday) Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

BPT and Regional Office will admister exam on various testing centers nationwide and in Hongkong. It is expected that total examinees of March 2013 LET is around 60-70 thousand. Exact counts to be updated soon.

Be guided by our room assignment list of testing centers. Once available, link will be activated. Normally, room assignment is released within 10 days before the exam date.
General Instructions for March 2013 LET Examinees (Approved by Faith M. Bachiller, Chairman BPT):
  1. Check and visit your school and room assignment a day before the examination to verify your room and seat number.
  2. On the day of examination, report to the school/ building assignment not later than 6:30 am. Be punctual. Late examinees will not be admitted. Examination fee of absent examinees will be forfeited.
  3. You are required to wear the following attire on examination day:
  • Male Examinees - white polo shirts or T-shirts with collar
  • Female Examinees - white blouse or T-shirts with collar
    4. Bring the following on examination day:
  • Application stub with application number
  • Official receipt of payment of application for examination
  • One (1) window envelope with metered postage stamp
  • One long transparent white plastic envelope
  • One long size brown envelope
  • Two or more pencils (No. 2)
  • Ball pen with black ink only.
  • Non-programmable calculator
      5. The following are prohibited inside the examination rooms/ premises:
  • Books, notes, review materials, and other printed materials containing coded data, information or formula
  • programmable calculators
  • cellular phones, beepers, portable computers or similar gadgets or devices
  • Bags of any kind (ladies' bag, shoulder bags, attache case, backpack etc. )
  • Other examination aides not stated in the program  shall not be brought inside the examination building.
      6. You are allowed to bring food and eat inside the room.
      7. You will not be allowed to leave the examination room, borrow anything or communicate with other examinees on any matter during examination.
       8. Non-compliance with test instructions shall be a ground for cancellation of your examination.
       9. Impersonation is a ground for disqualification in this BLEPT and in future licensure examinations.

See also our main page for March 2013 LET results.

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