PRC release NLE results June 2013 nursing board exam

PRC and Board of Nursing (BoN) release official results of June 2-3, 2013 Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) or known as Nursing Board Exam in 24 working days after the last day of exam. NLE results out online on July 8, 2013. 16,219 out of 37,887 passed the Nurse Licensure Examination.

List of Passers June 2013 NLE - nursing board exam (A-L)
List of Passers June 2013 NLE - nursing board exam (M-Z)
Top 10 (Topnotchers) June 2013 NLE -nursing board exam
Top Performing and Performance of Schools June 2013 NLE- Nursing Board Exam
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The two-day exams was administered in the following testing centers: Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Pagadian, Tacloban, Tuguegarao, Zamboanga, Angeles, Cabanatuan, Dagupan and Laoag City.

The members of the Board of Nursing who gave examinations are Carmencita M. Abaquin, Chairman; Leonila A. Faire, Betty F. Merritt, Perla G. Po, Marco Antonio C. Sto. Tomas, Yolanda C. Arugay and Amelia B. Rosales, Members.

The 2013 nurse board exam (NLE) consists of five (5) parts namely: Nursing Practice I Basic Foundation of Nursing and Professional Practice, Nursing Practice II Community Health Nursing and Care of the Mother and Child, Nursing Practice III Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alternations (Part A), Nursing Practice IV Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alternations (Part B) and Nursing Practice V Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alternations (Part C).

The test covered the major areas of nursing profession such as professional adjustments, maternal and child nursing, community health and communicable disease nursing, nursing of adolescents, adults and aged and mental health and psychiatric nursing.

In the same period last year, results were officially released in 36 working days. PRC named 27,823 out of 60,895 new nurses.

Last December 2012, PRC released results in about 30 working days. Total number of examinees was 49,066 of which 16,908 passed.

Last June 2012, the following schools were hailed as top performing nursing schools in the Philippines: Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing and Liberal Arts, Cebu Normal University, UP-Manila, West Visayas State University -La Paz, UST, DLSU, Trinity University of Asia, SLU, Saint Paul University-Iloilo, Benguet State University- La Trinidad, Velez College and Saint Paul University-Dumaguete.

For December 212, the following schools dominated or topped the list of best nursing schools in the Philippines for producing a high percentage of passing: Saint Paul University -Tuguegarao, Xavier University, Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), Saint Paul University-Iloilo, University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao, RTR Medical Foundation, SLU, San Pedro College-Davao, Southern Luzon State University (SLSU-Lucban) and Saint Mary's University.

Speculations and updates before the release of NLE Results:

[ June 13, 2013 Update: Reliable source, Carl Balita gives first hint for the probable release date of June 2013 NLE.

" When tomorrow doubles its numerical value, the sun will rise thereafter as a new day that the Lord has made for the privileged dreamers to be one with their noble dreams to care. Pray harder and believe more, eagles...i mean, RNs. Sweet dreams..."

"There was a season that NLE result was delayed by one week because of typhoon that suspended work at PRC for a week. Hope it will not happen again to prolong the agony. ", Balita commented on his Facebook account.

Based from his Riddle No.1, release of results is possible on the 28th of June or on the first week of July 2013. ]

[ June 16, 2013 Update: Carl Balita said: "May rumor na sa June 17 ang NLE result. My comment: NO! My riddles will bring you reliable clues..." ]

[ June 17, 2013 Update: Carl Balita said:
After tomorrow, I should be able to count with my fingers the dawning of the eagles hatched to soar with the privilege suffixed upon thy baptismal blessings..."

Based from the latest riddle, the probable release date of June 2013 NLE results is on Friday, June 28. It's 18 (the day after 17) + 10 (counts with the fingers). ]

[ June 20, 2013 Update: Carl Balita said:


The soonest day shall be between: when the two numbers of the date in the last week of the current month sums up to the first double-digit number in the numerical series, until when the numerical value of the incoming month and the day become one and the same....between those two dates shall be when the DREAM and the DREAMER become ONE."

Many expect that June 2013 NLE results will be out between June 28 and July Week1. What is your guess on his last riddle? 

[ June 29, 2013 Update: Carl Balita said:

My FINAL riddle holds TRUE....
Any day between....
It will be SOON.
Pray eagles, go to SUNDAY MASS tomorrow to ask and claim..... because the next shall be THANKSGIVING ]

[ July 5, 2013 Update: June 2013 NLE Results out very soon. ]

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