June 2013 NLE Results out very soon

The agony of waiting for June 2013 NLE Results will be eased as judgement day is near! June 2-3, 2013 Nursing board exam takers are now expecting that PRC list of passers, top 10 and performance of schools will be out very soon probably next week  between July 8-12, 2013.

July 8 Update: NLE Results out online in just 24 working days
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Asking for the basis of the specific date of June 2013 NLE results? Carl Balita, the respected entrepreneur, CBRC owner, a radio personality and reliable source for giving specific date of NLE results provides clues for that special day for all the aspiring nurses.

Carl Balita posted hints on Facebook with all the figures signify that results are coming most probably next week.

Carl Balita on Friday gave update for his reviewees that results will not be out on July 5, 2013.

"I knew it wasn't today. Some might have misinterpreted this post of mine [ pertaining to his post on Facebook] and nag-ride na agad. Many are monitoring my post because it gives them the signal."

"I know when it most like come, but circumstances may change it like typhoon and other delays that are caused by external factors or some issue they may need to resolve. The original target was this week or after 20 working days but because of some cancellation of works due to floods, it wasn't achieved. It is soon."

PRC BoardNews will cater the full results of June 2013 NLE. Visit this site more often for the update. Here are useful links to check out results:

PRC releases NLE results June 2013 nursing board exam    and/or
June 2013 NLE Results - nursing board exam results

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