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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

PRC accredits DepEd through NEAP as CPD Provider for Teachers

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MANILA, Philippines - The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), consistent with its mandated function to implement RA 10912 otherwise known as Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016 has approved the application of the Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) as the accredited CPD provider for teachers through Resolution No. 1032, s of 2017 with Accreditation No. 2017-115.

PRC accredits DepEd through NEAP as CPD Provider for Teachers
Photo Courtesy of DepEd.
The accreditation covers schools, schools divisions, regional offices and central office, bureaus and services in the Department of Education with respect to teaching personnel.

The CPD Council for Professional Teachers also agreed that Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions, conducted in accordance with DepEd Order 35 s. 2016 titled The Learning Action Cell as a K to 12 Basic Education Program Continuing Professional Development Strategy for Improving Teaching and Learning, as well as school-based training programs shall be given corresponding CPD units. In all cases, all training programs and initiatives awarded with CPD units shall take into consideration the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers as reference in identifying the competency development needs of teachers.

Likewise, appropriate technical assistance shall be provided to the schools and learning centers in the conduct of Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions and school-based training programs.

A memorandum and implementing guidelines stipulating other mechanisms that will enhance the implementation of the CPD for teachers shall be issued by the DEPED to all implementing units and offices for compliance.

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  1. How about those DULY prof teachers who only have a part time job for teaching, how can they earn CPD units? Can NEAP accept those?

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  3. The devils from PRC CPD council secretariat emailed me and give me 5 cpd units for editing/evaluating/reviewing 2 (grade 9 and grade 10) junior high math textbooks! Per the PRC guidelines these are a maximum of 20 credit units per textbook. That means they gave me only 2.5 credit units for editing/evaluating/reviewing 1 textbook. The PRC guidelines on the credit units for authors is also divided accdg to whether the book or manuscript is less than 100 pages (20 credit units) or more than 100 pages (40 credit units). Going by this measuring stick, both textbook that I reviewed were way above 100 pages (close to 300 pages each). So why give me 2.5 credit units only? I called up the chairman for math on CPD council, Mam Rosita Navarro. I said I opted for the self-directed track because I am retired and I only get less than P8,000 per month pension and I want to live within this means. I dont want to pay for exorbitant prices of semianrs and conferences (costs of which are in the thousands!). The 2.5 credit hours is way too disproportionate for the expense of xeroxing the 2 textbooks which PRC requires to be submitted together with application forms (not to mention the time and effort spent on editing/reviewing/evaluating these textbooks). The CPD council raw stipulated by law consists of 3 people. One resigned and now only 2 people. So, imagine 2 people going through 300 applications and approving it. They have to come up with objective guidelines as to the rubrics by which they evaluate and give credit unit points!! They have to be transparent and publish these rubrics. Otherwise they will just be pulling the cpd units out of thin air or in this situation, corruption and bias will prevail. Mam Rosita Navarro told me to write a letter of appeal. I submitted the letter of appeal. This incident that they let me go through, God will punish all the devils! Highly unreasonable! It only reflects on the kind of devils (and their cohorts) that are existing it PRC-PICC!!!

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