RESULT: July 2021 Metallurgical Engineer board exam passers, top 10

MANILA, Philippines – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Board of Metallurgical Engineering released results of July 2021 Metallurgical Engineer board exam on Monday, July 12 or in three (3) working days after the exam. The complete list of passers, top 10 (topnotchers), top performing schools and performance of schools are available on this page as announced online.

As announced, 30 out of 43 passed the exams.

PRC conducted the Metallurgical Engineer board exam on July 5,6 and 7, 2021 in the cities of Manila and Cagayan de Oro.

The members of the Board of Metallurgical Engineering who gave the licensure examination are Agustin M. Fudolig, Chairman and Juancho Pablo S. Calvez, Member.

Roll of Successful Examinees in the

Held on JULY 5, 2021 & FF. DAYS
Released on JULY 12, 2021

The successful examinees who garnered the five (5) highest places in the July 2021 Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Examination are the following:

The performance of schools in the July 2021 Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Examination in alphabetical order as per R.A. 8981 otherwise known as PRC Modernization Act of 2000 Section 7(m) "To monitor the performance of schools in licensure examinations and publish the results thereof in a newspaper of national circulation" is as follows:

The three-day examination for Metallurgical engineers covered the following subjects:

Metallurgy I: mineral processing, pyromettalurgy, metallurgical fuel, technology, refractory science, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy and metallurgical physical chemistry

Metallurgy II: physical metallurgy, mechanical metallurgy, crystallography, metallography, iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy and foundry metallurgy

Metallurgy III: inorganic qualitative and quantitative chemistry, metallurgical law, jurisprudence, ethics, statistics and experimental design, engineering economics, mechanics, hydraulics and design of simple metallurgical process, operation, plants of facilities


Based on the original schedule of exams (June 2021), the target release of Metallurgical Engineer board exam results is 3 days after the tests. This can be projected to Monday, July 12.

Note that results may be released ahead of the target or on later date without prior notice.


In the last Metallurgical Engineer licensure exams before the COVID-19 pandemic (October 2019), results were out online in just one (1) working day. PRC named 68 out of 94 who passed the series of exams. Earl Dave Madridondo Tulabing from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) topped the board with 86.15%.

In the October 2018 exams, PRC also released results in 1 working day. A total of 49 out of 68 successfully hurdled the exams. Dahr Tur Madayan Silao, also from MSU-IIT led the passers with 88.60%.

Here's the quick summary of previous examinations

Exam Date Total Examinees Total Passers Passing Rate Days before results release
October 2019 94 68 72.34% 1
October 2018 68 49 72.06% 1
October 2017 96 82 85.42% 2
October 2016 71 58 81.69% 2
April 2016 37 16 43.24% 0
October 2015 75 50 66.67% 0
February 2015 6 3 50.00% 0


RESULT: July 2021 Metallurgical Engineer board exam passers, top 10

PRC Board News will update this page immediately once the results are out online. You may also monitor release of results on PRC's official website (
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