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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bar Exam Result 2019: Full List of Passers

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MANILA, Philippines – More than 7,000 aspiring law graduates are awaiting for the summer release of the 2019 Bar Exam Result, or expected anytime in April - May 2020. This includes the full list of passers and topnotchers.
Bar Exam Result 2019: Full List of Passers

The Supreme Court (SC) headed by Associate Justice Estela M. Perlas-Bernabe administered the bar exam on four Sundays of November 2019 at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila.

As per record of the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC), out of the 8,245 admitted to take the exam, only 7,699 took the exam on first Sunday and 7,685 completed the test on last Sunday of the grueling exams.

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Held on November 3, 10, 17, 24, 2019
Released April - May 2020

Stay tuned here for the list of passers once announced online...


The two-examiner policy per subject was re-adopted in the 2019 bar exam "in order to promote operational efficiency in light of the notable increase in number of admitted candidates in recent years."

The examinable subjects are: Political Law and Public International Law (15%), Labor and Social Legislation (10%), Civil Law (15%), Taxation (10%), Mercantile Law (15%), Criminal Law (10%), Remedial Law (20%) and Legal and Judicial Ethics (5%).

Examinees were tasked to answer open-ended questions in long hand. Those questions, carefully selected by the committee, are formulated to test analytical ability, facility in expression in terms of written argument, comprehension of basic principles of law, and grasp of jurisprudence.


The SC en banc has the discretion whether to make adjustments on the bar passing percentage though generally it is set to 75%.

Note that the standard passing grade of 75% was used for the 2015-2018 examinations. Section 14, Rule 138 of Revised Rule of Court added that there should be no grade falling below 50% in any bar subject.


The Supreme Court through Senior Associate Justice Bernabe is expected to announce the exact date of release of last year's bar exam results.

Just recently, Bernabe said that there's no definite date yet on release of 2019 Bar Exam result, following reports that the result will be released on April 15.

“Contrary to what has been recently reported in a newspaper, the Court has not yet made any official announcement regarding the date of release of the 2019 Bar results,” Bernabe said.

While it is not mentioned in her statement, delay in the release of results can be expected as the country is in battle against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The enhanced community quarantine was ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte in Metro Manila and entire Luzon until April 12, 2020 forcing public and private employees to work from home.

“The public is requested to await official announcements from the Court. Rest assured, the results will be released at the most appropriate time,” she added.

Previous exams were released early May of the year but the re-adoption of the two-examiner policy may expedite the checking of booklets.

The Bar Examiners committee manually checks the test papers which caused the long waiting period of about five (5) months.

Special en banc session for the 'decoding of bar exam results' is being done morning prior to the release of results. Decoding is the process where the SC orders the OBC to open the sealed envelopes with the names of the candidates who passed the exams.

Traditionally, the full list of successful bar examinees is being flashed on a widescreen at the Supreme Court front yard and simultaneously be viewed at the official website of the high court.


In last year's bar exam, passing rate was 22.07%. Sean James Borja of the Ateneo de Manila University aced the bar with 89.31%.

Year No. of Examinees No. of Passers Passing Rate
2018 8,158 1,800 22.07%
2017 6,748 1,724 25.55%
2016 6344 3747 59.06%
2015 6,605 1,731 26.21%
2014 5,984 1,126 18.82%
2013 5,292 1,174 22.18%
2012 5,343 949 17.76%
2011 5,987 1,913 31.95%
2010 4,847 982 20.26%
2009 5,903 1,451 24.58%
2008 6,364 1,310 20.58%
2007 5,626 1,289 22.91%
2006 6,187 1,893 30.60%
2005 5,607 1,526 27.22%
2004 5,249 1,659 31.61%
2003 5,349 1,108 20.71%
2002 4,659 917 19.68%
2001 3,849 1,266 32.89%
2000 4,698 979 20.84%

PRC Board News will immediately update this page for bar exam list of passers and topnotchers once released online. You may also check real-time updates on The Summit Express or on the official website of Supreme Court.

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